We have been active in the heat treatment industry since 1974. Our company’s story has its roots in a bold idea conceived by true pioneers in heat treatment.

After spending a few years with Svenska Cooperheat AB in Sweden, Eero Jääskeläinen returned to Finland and founded Oy Lämpökäsittely Ab (‘Heat Treatment Ltd’), which later changed its name to ‘Lahden Lämpökäsittely Oy’. The operations, which started on a small scale, have grown steadily over the last four decades. In 2007, the foundation for growth became even stronger when investment company Panostaja Oyj purchased two Finnish companies specialising in heat treatment, Lahden Lämpökäsittely Oy and Heatmasters Oy. Since then, we have operated under the shared name ‘Heatmasters Group’, with an easily recognisable brand image.


Highly esteemed expertise

Today we are known as Europe’s leading providers of heat treatment solutions and the wizards of heat treatment. We offer a wide range of specialist solutions in the heat treatment of metals, from machines and equipment to heat treatment services carried out either on our premises or at the customer’s project site. Our extensive distributor network sells our machines and equipment also outside Europe – for example, to North America, the Middle East, Russia, and Africa. Our customers appreciate our globally unique, certified expertise, which is based on our many years and broad range of experience in the industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that our service expertise has been in demand also outside Europe, from Asia to South America.

Even though the world and the welding industry have changed dramatically in the course of our company’s 40-year history, our focus has remained the same: on top-notch expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and customer-oriented services that meet each customer’s heat treatment needs. We help create savings for our customers by operating in a flexible manner and bringing our heat treatment resources close to where they are needed. We believe that our expertise and technology, which cater to our customers’ needs, will remain in demand far into the future.


Innovations for a clientele that is renewing itself

The future will see us develop our heat treatment technology and services to meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry. The key aspects of service innovations include supplementary services, such as document management and efficient remote access to services. In addition to growing, developing, and becoming more international, we consider it our duty to pass on our valued heat treatment expertise to the next generation – the future top professionals in heat treatment. The new wizards.


Time to celebrate!

This year is an important milestone for us, something we have every reason to be proud of. Put our expertise to the test – that’s the best way to celebrate the anniversary with us!




With festive greetings,

Ilkka Mujunen
President & CEO
Heatmasters Group







Our employees have always been our most important resource. The experts at Heatmasters are fully qualified and experienced heat treatment professionals.




Our top-quality heat treatment technology is used in installation and repair work for process pipes at power plants, refineries, and nuclear power plants – and, of course, also in the engineering industry.


The fact that our experts serve as chief trainers for specialist heat treatment courses certified by the European Welding Federation is another example of the high level of our expertise.