A new portable induction machine HM35 INU

Heatmasters has a long history with portable induction machines, including HM30 series. These equipment have proven to be powerful and easy to handle thanks to their small size and light weight. Now the HM30 series is replaced by even more powerful HM35 series. This new heating unit is released at Schweissen und Schneiden welding trade fair in Düsseldorf in end-September 2017.

HM35 INU is an inverter-based multi-purpose heating unit which can be used both for powerful induction and resistance heating in variuos kinds of jobs (preheating, post weld heat treatment, shrink-fitting, etc.). The Heatmasters control system makes it easy to use and there is also a manually controlled (stepless) version available.

Depending on the size of the workpiece one or two heating units are applied. Induction coils or resistors are attached on both sides of the weld seam and when using only one heating unit they are connected in series with a jumper cable. Induction coils are extremely easy to install and therefore can be used especially in tight working places with limited access.

Heatmasters is providing you with inductive and resistive heating units of various kinds as well as all necessary tools and accessories. Starting in 1974 we have over 40 years of experience in heat treatment services and utilize all the gained knowhow into our product development. Along with heat treatment services we have sold several hundreds of heating units (including electric and gas furnaces) to installation companies, welding and repair shops, foundries and heat treatment specialists to over 30 countries globally.