Zero injuries achieved in 2016

Safety is a process, which needs to be managed continuously. Heatmasters got OHSAS 18001 health and safety management system certified in 2016 in Finland, Poland and Sweden. That was a huge effort for everybody, and we are happy to see the immediate payback: we had zero injuries (causing more than one day of absence) during 2016 in our companies.

“Congrats to our Wizards! More and more our customers are promoting the importance of safety and we have been able to provide them heat treatment services and products which meet these high standards. Personally I think that on top of the mandatory workers’ personal hotwork and safety cards all companies in the industrial arena should officially be certified for health and safety. We ask our people to work hard and often for long hours, however everybody should expect to return home in the end of the working day or project in a good health”, says Ilkka Mujunen, President and CEO of Heatmasters Group.

Heatmasters is developing its health and safety in 2017 by further improving its processes, competencies, and tools in manufacturing and field services. Naturally again targeting for zero injuries.